About Me

1362189513_IMG_1470I am Carl Johnson. Although I am a native of New Hampshire I have spent most of my life traveling. At the age of 17 I joined the US Air Force and began my life traveling. I visited my first foreign country while in the military. I was stationed on the Japanese Island of Okinawa and often traveled to the Philippines, mainland Japan and Korea. I immediately fell in love with being in a foreign country.

After the Air Force I went to college and got my degree in Physics and soon after entered the business world where I again had the opportunity to travel to many countries. I loved traveling and meeting people. The world is truly fascinating.

But raising a family and traveling did not really work for me so I exited the business world and worked in my home town in New Hampshire. This was a great time a
nd I enjoyed being able to see my kids grow up and be able to participate in their many activities.

But I missed travel and I especially missed Asia. After 10 years of being self employed I returned to the business world to a job that I thought would keep me in New Hampshire. But I was soon sent to China for a project and have been here ever since.This blog is about many observations I have while I travel and are based on my own experiences and perceptions.