Just Do One- How to Exercise Consistently

IMG 1599Exercise! There has been a point where all of us has decided to do some exercise. The problem is that for the first few days after you make the decision to exercise everything is great. You are motivated and maybe even excited to do your exercise routine. But then there comes that point where the motivation fades and you start to skip days, and eventually give it up all together!
I think this happens to everyone.

I am a morning person, I am most productive in the morning. In fact, I really like mornings. I like to get up early, sit down with a nice cup of coffee, open the computer, do some reading and enjoy that time alone to think and enjoy that coffee. I also found that doing some exercise in the morning really did help to get me energized for the day. It helped me start my day feeling more motivated. (In fact it lead me to getting into lifting weights at the age of 53) The problem is that about one week after I started exercising in the morning I found it hard to get up off the seat, pull myself away from that coffee and start my routine.

I don’t do a lot of exercise in the morning, just some exercises to get the blood flowing and get a bit of a pump for the day. ( Now my real workout is done later in the day on weekends or after work, on weekdays, when I go to the gym to lift weights.) So in the morning, I like the Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workouts. This is a quick workout that has ten exercises: Jumping Jacks, Wall Sits, Step ups, pushups, Run in Place, Squats, Plank, Side Planks, Crunches, and Tricep Chair Dips. I like this routine because its quick, I am basically a lazy person and hate exercising, so the shorter the better. But even with this short routine I found that there were mornings that I just was too lazy to get off my butt and do it! After two skipped days I felt guilty, so here is what I did to get back on track and stay there.

I changed my thinking to “Just do the first one”. When I feel lazy and don’t want to exercise I told myself that I would just start with the Jumping Jacks. Just 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks and then I will site back down and have another cup of coffee. I would tell myself that I don’t need to do the whole 7 minute routine, which by the way, is not as easy as it sounds, it really does get your heart pumping. I will just do the first one.

What ends up happening is as I do the first exercise, the blood gets pumping, adrenaline starts flowing and I feel more energized. Now I feel like I can make it into exercise 2. Still dragging a bit but the motivation is building. By the time I get to the third exercise I am pretty motivated to finish the 7 minutes.

This has never failed me, by just telling myself that I will only do one exercise, I have made the goal more easily attainable. Even if I just do one exercise I will feel like I accomplished something for the morning, but the energy builds in the body by doing one exercise and I always finish the 7 minutes. Victory and a better start to my day with more energy, a sense of accomplishment, and a clearer head!

So if you start to feel that motivation to do your exercise slipping away, when you are just too lazy to get started, tell yourself that you will just do one! One exercise or 1 minute or just 30 seconds of exercise. If you can just get started momentum will help you finish, and even if you don’t finish you whole regimen, you at least did something to keep your streak going.

Just do one!


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