Walking: USA vs China

I have written previously about how daily life in China tends to be healthier than in the US. The food in China tends to be fresher and much less processed. The diet tends to have more vegetables with small amounts of meat, less sugar and salt and very little or no bread.

In China you tend to do much more walking during a normal day. The way the communities are set up you have to do a lot more walking. Car ownership is still something that a relatively small percentage of the population enjoys so walking is the primary way to get around on a daily basis.

I recently visited the US and picked up an iPhone 6s. Although I was not aware of it, the phone began tracking my walking activity. I discovered this on my return to China. So for the two weeks the phone tracked my walking in the US I average less than 1 mile of walking per day. Upon my return to China on the 27th of February the amount of walking almost doubled. I have to admit that after 6 weeks in the US I was unaccustomed to walking so the first few days back I took a taxi to get around. But within a few days my normal routine had me logging 4 to 6 miles of walking per day. This is just my normal routine and I am not quite back to walking at the same pace as I was before I visited the US.

The Health app in the iPhone was a pleasant surprise as it allows me to see how much walking I am doing. I want to set some higher goals for myself. Maybe try to increase my daily walking to 10 miles. We’ll see how it goes


  1. It would be great if they had something I could keep on me that connected to my phone to keep track of steps. It’s a good feature, but I leave my phone in my desk all day while I’m at school, so I only log about 2.5 miles daily!

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